Monthly Archives: December 2016

Project 2017

I suck at updating blogs, but I’ve gotten much better at keeping goals, so let’s try this for 2017.

52 hours each of:

  • Writing
  • Python or Java (or whatever other code)
  • Music Theory
  • Time allocated to deal with this blog
Plus, 52:

  • Full Colour Illustration/Composition Studies



Hitting the number 52 (instead of weekly) allows some flexibility for me. The idea right now is to make a JRPG in the future. Whether that happens or not isn’t actually relevant to the completion of this project; I’m picking up some sweet skills regardless. B)

Other goals for the year include obtaining 9 more faces so I can use up my makeup/skincare, becoming a pretzel, and faking adulthood by pretending to dislike sugar, alcohol and coffee.