Monthly Archives: January 2017

An update!

Sort of an update!

This week I haven’t really progressed past the first round. I’m a true procrastinator at heart! I mean, some of it is legitimate… I’ve been trying to use up all my yoga classes, which didn’t leave a whole lot of time outside of work. It didn’t help that I caught an annoying virus, which I’m sure would have gone away faster if I didn’t go to the gym or do yoga. Whoops. I haven’t really felt sick through the virus, rather than feeling tired… but feeling tired is pretty usual for me :/

Also, I may have been playing Stardew Valley and reading manga (Noragami is so good?!?!).

BUT! It’s not like I did nothing at all– what I *did* do was set up planning, so now I have 52 images and 52 writing prompts, so all I have to do is settle down and get started. Honestly, sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what you’re gonna do first, and I’ve taken the thinking part out of it. I did start on my first writing piece, though! Although, the prompt is taking much longer than an hour, and I’m only at 36 lines. Eep! A couple of job postings came up too that I’d like to apply for. As for the learning stuff? …maybe I’ll get sick of Stardew Valley next weekend :-)