Monthly Archives: March 2017

A blurb on goals

So, I haven’t worked a whole lot on Project 2017 yet– go figure. I’ve got a LOT of things to do and a LOT of things on my mind in anticipation for the huge move. It’s a little overwhelming, because I’m trying to take a huge picture of the next three months and trying to break them into smaller tasks. In one way, the move hasn’t even hit me yet because I’ve got a pile of tasks to do for work which has kept me busy. In the other way, I’ve been busy planning, organizing, sending out resumes, etc.

Which means I ended up banking on doing a lot of Project 2017 while I’m waiting for new work. Not a smart strategy to be honest, but that’s happening. But… writing posts like these means I get to knock two hours off of my blog update goals, right? ;) these are all terrible excuses, I know.

I am hopping on to blurb, because through my organizing, I’ve come across a goal sheet that I wrote five years ago. What I had envisioned for 2017… was already a good capture of what I want in life outside of the school zone. Here I was, thinking that my goals have changed monumentally now that I’m finished with school– it turned out to be the opposite. School was what had changed my goals, and now that I’m done and now that I know what I can expect with life, I’ve actually started to settle back into the goals I once had.

What stayed the same, and what surprised me the most, was the intention to keep art as a big part of my life after school. Once I got into the school zone, I thought that I was never gonna art again. It changed my way of thinking because I was too tired to art, and in the past four years I somehow thought that moving on from art was always part of my 5-10 year goals. I obviously didn’t keep up that much with the goals I had set; I was supposed to do research for my comic in my first year of school (lol).

Other things that stayed the same was my intention to stay connected with nature, and the desire to keep my fitness up. I’ve had some rude awakenings with the two, so I’ve had to modify it to yoga and easy groomed trail walks, but they’re still there. Plus, there’s one unwritten goal that stuck with me– I was determined five years ago to make a permanent move to the Kootenays. Throughout school, I thought I had to change my mind knowing that the chances of finding work related to my school field were very low in the area, but… more important things happened. There’s still a good chance I’ll find something within my line of work, and if I don’t, it doesn’t *have* to be my line of work considering¬†I have other skills to offer.

The biggest thing that changed was accepting technology back into my life. I tried to avoid it as I couldn’t keep up with it, and it stressed me out to have to keep up with the Joneses, but the reality is that I do need it. The second biggest (and the best part of it) was meeting my SO. Now, finding a relationship can’t really be pegged as a “goal” since it depends on another person, but I did want a relationship with someone who liked easygoing nature recreation. He comes with the added bonus of being the peanut butter to my jam, and being a wonderful person all around. I want a life with this man, so my goals do have to be modified to work with his (and vice versa).

Anyways, it makes me glad I kept my goal sheet this entire time! I’ve been going through anxiety/panic, wondering if what I’m doing is the right decision, albeit how selfish it is. I got over it about a month ago, but having read this reminded me that yes, I am making the right choices. No matter what, I’m still “me”. Maybe more “me” than I’ve ever been before!